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Pride and Prophesy.

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Make Time to Spend with God

And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed Mark 1:35

You know I oftentimes hear some believers believe it or not say they want to spend time with God but find it difficult because of the children. I had a past work colleague is in the Lord stated that there was not enough time to do anything outside of her worship day because when she woke up in the morning she had to get ready breakfast for her husband and her children then she had to get the children ready for school then drop them to school and off to work again, collect the children in the evening then cook the dinner and get the children ready for bed by time it was all finish she was too tired to spend time with God.

I sympathised with this young lady and the predicament she is in but this has really made me think what would our lives be like if God felt He had too much to do and felt too tired to spend time with us, wow I dare not imagine the chaos, the pain, the torment and more that would follow and descend upon us should this ever happen.

You know I look at the verse above and note that Jesus who is our example and who knew without a shadow of doubt that His Father, God was with him and in him still ensure that he found a time and a place to be alone with God, so if He is our example believers are we not suppose to ensure we make the time to follow suit. Think about it each day has been given to us and if there are so many of us in the world and God walks with each of us every second of ever day can we not make the sacrifice to be alone with him for just five minutes. Come now what is five minutes compare to 24 hours.

Written by Angela Doreen


In Christ Image

In Christ Image

You know in my little study on what it is like to be in Christ image, one thing that struck me is how the early disciples could truly lay claim to having walked in the likeness and image of Christ.

And the other thing that struck me is how simple their lives and conditions were yet because the anointing was with them they were then able to walk in the image and likeness of Christ and enjoyed unsurpassed greatness and power.

So I wonder have we today become too sophisticated, have our condition become so enriched that we have raced ahead leaving Christ behind.

I look around our time now and compare it to then their time and I see even the denomination fights that goes on today seem to take away our focus from the important issue but when and if we bother to look there were no denomination in the days of the early Church the focus was simple, it was on Christ, it was on the one who had come into the world to save us, the one who was anointed and had the anointing to change one’s circumstance and to make a difference.

You know as time goes by and considering two thousand years have pass and in the naturally order of things we the disciples of today should be way more advance in power and authority that we have than what the early disciples had. We really should be seeing healing just by virtue of us walking pass, we should see demons cowering, fleeing in fright left right and center at the sight of us in fact we should be feared by all who have not accepted Christ when you think of the power that Christ and the early disciples started out with.

I mean I could be wrong but did not Christ somewhere mention that He had great power but greater power than what He had we His disciples would have so what has happened how have our power to heal, to make whole and to cast out, to move mountains, how comes it has been diminished instead of increasing.

And I know at least one of you will jump up leaping about, spouting I am all wrong that our power have not decrease that we are far more advance than the early disciples but hey I beg to differ at least in the areas of greatness and authority no, in walking in the image and likeness of Christ I would say we have digress not advance but if you are talking about the things that are meaningless, that don’t mean squat yes we have advance, we have bigger and richer church buildings, we have more denomination, more titles and we probably have more false prophet and more people who think they are god the untouchables instead of servants so in that I agree we have advance but in the things that matter walking and preaching in the anointing, walking in the likeness and image of Christ , walking in greatness and power have we really?

Written by Angela Doreen